Animal List

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CAT1112GiraffeYoung Bull & Heifer
CAT2123GiraffeYoung Bull & Heifers
23A-33TsessebeCowsAdult Cows
143B-33TsessebeCowsAdult Cows
34A-22NyalaEwesPregnant from Shaka 30 1/4"
34B-33NyalaEwesPregnant from Hendri 31"
205A-22NyalaEwesIn Northern Cape since 2006\Extreme climate adapted
205B-33NyalaEwesIn Northern Cape since 2006\Extreme climate adapted
236-33NyalaEwesIn Northern Cape since 2006\Extreme climate adapted
367-22SableHeifersBeautiful open Heifers
368-22SableHeifersBeautiful open Heifers
369-33SableHeifersBeautiful open Heifers
16101-1SableBullExceptional 48 3/4" Sable Bull
2511-22SableHeifersWest Zambian - Pregnant
2512A-11SableHeiferWest Zambian - Pregnant
2512B-11SableHeiferWest Zambian - Open Heifer
813-33SableHeifersBeautiful open Heifers
38141-1Golden OryxBullYoung Bull with lot of potential - 33"
1015A-22Golden OryxCowsMagnificent Golden Oryx 38" & 37"
1015B-11Golden OryxCowMagnificent Golden Oryx 39"
2916A-11BuffaloHeiferWintershoek Buffalo Genetics - Pregnant from Thor
2916B-11BuffaloHeiferGreat opportunity to obtain Wintershoek Buffalo Genetics
2917-22BuffaloHeifersGreat opportunity to obtain Wintershoek Buffalo Genetics
2918-22BuffaloHeifersGreat opportunity to obtain Wintershoek Buffalo Genetics
2919-22BuffaloHeifersGreat opportunity to obtain Wintershoek Buffalo Genetics
CAT201-1SableBullExceptional Thaba Tholo Genetics - 48"+
32F211-1Black ImpalaRamBlack Beauty
32F22-22Black ImpalaEwesBlack Beauties
32F23-22Black ImpalaEwesBlack Beauties
32F24-22Black ImpalaEwesBlack Beauties
32L25-66ImpalaEwesPregnant from Granite 27 2/8"
2226-44BontebokEwesExceptional Bontebok Genetics
1127-33BontebokEwesBontebok National Park genetics - Pregnant from Red 07 - 16 5/8"
3428-22RoanHeifersExceptional Roan Heifers Pregnant
37291-1RoanBull4 year Bull - 27 3/8"
3430-11RoanHeifersBeautiful pregnant Roan Heifer
3731-22RoanHeifersExceptional open Roan Heifers
3432-11RoanHeiferBeautiful pregnant Roan Heifer
1331-1Golden WildebeestBullBeautiful Color
12341-1Golden WildebeestBullBeautiful Color
1835-11Golden WildebeestHeiferBeautiful Color
1836-22Golden Wildebeest SplitsHeifers
137-88Golden Wildebeest SplitsCows
32B38A1-1Copper SpringbuckRamTop Breeding Ram
32B38B1-1Black SpringbuckRamTop Breeding Ram
32B38C1-1Damara SpringbuckRamTop Breeding Ram
32B38D1-1Kalahari SpringbuckRamTop Breeding Ram
32B38E1-1White SpringbuckRamTop Breeding Ram
32C39-66Common SpringbuckEwes10"+ Ewes
32D40A145Black SpringbuckSmall Breeding herd
32E40B145Black SpringbuckSmall Breeding herd
32J41A145White SpringbuckSmall Breeding herd
32K41B145White SpringbuckSmall Breeding herd
32M42A145Copper SpringbuckSmall Breeding herd
32N42B145Copper SpringbuckSmall Breeding herd
32O431-1King SpringbuckYoung Ram
27441-1King WildebeestBullYoung Mature Bull
17451-1King WildebeestBullMagnificent Elvis - Proven Breeding Bull
2746-11King WildebeestHeiferPregnant from Blue 13 Botlierskop Genetics
1847A-11King WildebeestHeifer
1847B1-1King WildebeestBullSub Adult Bull
2148A-22King Wildebeest SplitsFemales
2148B-22King Wildebeest SplitsFemales
1749A-55Blue WildebeestCowsPregnant from Elvis
1749B-55Blue WildebeestCowsPregnant from Elvis
650A-22SableHeifersBeautiful Heifers - Walking with 48"+ Rafa
650B-11SableHeiferBeautiful Heifers - Walking with 48"+ Rafa
650C1-1SableBullSurprise (48") Son - 14" Tips
1651A-11SableHeiferBeautiful Matetsi Heifer
951B-22SableHeifersBeautiful open Heifers
1652A-11SableHeiferBeautiful Matetsi Heifer
1652B-11SableHeiferBeautiful Matetsi Heifer
1652C-11SableHeiferBeautiful Matetsi Heifer
1653-22SableHeifersBeautiful Matetsi Heifers
1654-22SableHeifersBeautiful Matetsi Heifers
32I55A1-1ElandBullCape Eland Bull with 15 stripes
32I55B1-1ElandBullKing Cape Eland Bull
32A561-1WaterbuckBullYoung Bull
3857-55OryxCowsCovered by Golden Oryx Bull
3361A1-1OryxBullMagnificent 43" Bull
3361B-22OryxCows45 6/8" + 43 1/2" - Don't miss this opportunity
31624-4BuffaloYoung BullsLet them grow out
3163A2-2BuffaloYoung BullsLet them grow out
3163B2-2BuffaloYoung BullsLet them grow out
3064-22BuffaloHeifersExceptional Buffalo Genetics
3065-22BuffaloHeifersExceptional Buffalo Genetics
3066-22BuffaloHeifersExceptional Buffalo Genetics
3067-22BuffaloHeifersExceptional Buffalo Genetics
2868A-11BuffaloHeiferIn calf to Cassius - Son of Tyson 53"
2868B-11BuffaloHeiferBuyer has option to leave until pregnant to Cassius - Son of Tyson 53"
CAT69101BuffaloBullLucky 43 5/8"
770-55BontebokEwesExceptional Bontebok Genetics
1371A1-1Yellow BlesbuckRamBeautiful color
1371B-22Yellow BlesbuckEwesBeautiful color
1572A-22Copper BlesbuckFemales14 3/4" & 13 1/2"
1572B-22Copper BlesbuckFemales13" & 12" + Sub adult additional (extra)
32G731-1Copper BlesbuckRamYoung Ram - already 14"
3774-22RoanHeifersExceptional open Roan Heifers
3775-22RoanHeifersExceptional open Roan Heifers
3476-11RoanCowPregnant from Martell 31"+
3477-11RoanHeiferExceptional open Roan Heifer
478A-11Golden OryxHeiferYoung Heifer
478B-11Golden OryxHeiferYoung Heifer
479A-11Golden OryxHeiferSub - Adult Heifer
479B-11Golden OryxHeiferYoung Heifer
32P80-11Golden OryxHeiferBeautiful young heifer 16 months already 29"
2481178Lechwe1 Ram + 7 EwesNice small breeding herd
CAT83112RhinoTop Genetics
CAT84112RhinoTop Genetics
CAT85112KlipspringerSpecial animals
CAT86112KlipspringerSpecial animals

Auction venue

Wintershoek Wild, Heuningneskloof, N12 south (55km from Kimberley)

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